Amazon Strike with New Video Product

Amazon surprised by launching a new video streaming product as on last Wednesday. Now the rumors are true about the competition of Apple TV and Amazon as the Amazon FireTv Box is now official.

The Fire TV allows the Television users to plug the device to a television set and to stream the Video Related Content over internet to their screens as well, while the Amazon’s Prime Video works as center stage on device as well.

Using Amazon’s Fire TV, one can also go for the third party content as well including Hulu Plus and Netflix while the HBO Go App and others will be added later. Amazon’s Fire TV will run on Android Version.

The User of Device can gave the Spoken Commands to device and that will help a lot in finding the relevant video content, so forget about typing queries, just speak what you are in search of and enjoy a great experience.

Under the Hood, it contains Quad-core Processor along with 2 GB of RAM and to enhance user experience, a dedicated Graphic Processor will enhance user experience. All such stuff make it thrice quick than prevailing devices in market.


The Device will be sold out for $99.

Muhammad Zubair

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