Sony lovers can use Pen Drive for Android based Mobiles

Mobile Devices that supports multi functionality are attracting more users and hence with more features, productivity of Smart Mobile Devices increases.

Android Pen Drive

Pen Drive for Android based Mobiles

Sony Electronics is a Japanese based Electronics manufacturer has recently announced the availability of first ever pen drive that can be used with both Android based Mobiles and Tablets. The drive serves as 2 in 1 devices i.e. can be used as microUSB and standard USB 2.0, so the Device can also be used on desktop and Laptops as well. This will results in reliable and easy transfer of files between Mobile devices.

Pen Drive

Sony lovers can use Pen Drive for Android based Mobiles

What you need to use the Pen Drive is that your Android Mobile should have Android 4.0 or later version. The good thing is that you need not to have extra drivers to use the Pen Drive, but users are required to download an app for Drive from Google Play Store. The Drive comes along capacity of 8, 16 and 32 GB storage while it will be available from coming January.

Use Pen Drive for Android Devices

Price Plan:

8 GB Pen Drive will be available @ $19.99, 16 GB Pen Drive will cost for $ 29.99 and 32 GB Pen Drive will be available @ $62.99.

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